Trading binary options on mobile

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Are you also one of the many us who can’t tear ourselves away from our mobiles and smartphones? Then you probably already know that you can trade binary options directly on your mobile! If you haven’t already figured out how to invest in binary options directly on your phone, this is the perfect guide for you!


Binary options are relatively new and very exciting, and a great opportunity to make some extra money. Trading in binary options is quite simple. All you need is a little knowledge and your computer. Or you could try to invest directly through your mobile phone.

Binary options are a fascinating market that is currently in a very expansive phase. We see more and more brokers joining in, and the possibilities are endless. To invest in binary options on mobile is very simple, and most large brokers today offer some kind of platform for mobile trading. Here you get access to your account information and options (albeit a limited selection), whether you’re sitting on the bus, waiting in line or just on the go. You get a consolidated view of your transactions and active trades, no matter where you are. Moreover, it is not unusual for brokers to offer special bonuses for customers using the mobile platform. Always check with your broker whether there are exclusive deals just for mobile trading, so you don’t miss out on anything.



If you’re eager to try out binary options on your phone or tablet, most brokers offer some kind of platform and software for this. It shouldn’t matter whether you have a mobile with an IOS system or Android/Windows. Different brokers offer different types of programs, either in the form of an app or software you need to download.

To download an app or software for trading, visit the app store on your phone. In some cases, you must go to the broker’s own website to get access to the program. After downloading, you should be able to log in quickly and without problems, of course using your regular account information. If your broker does not have a dedicated app or software, the site will most often already be adapted for mobile and you don’t need to download anything. You just enter the broker URL into the browser on your mobile and click OK, then use your regular information to log in and start your trading.


Just as when playing at mobile casinos, the offer of binary options might be quite limited. It is not uncommon that you can only access a limited or small range of binary options that the broker provides. Why some options are only available on desktop (computer) we actually don’t know. However, the broker should always inform you about the range when you visit their website. Many also have a dedicated page about trading binary options on mobile. Here you can find all the information you need to register at this particular broker. So if you are looking for a specific option, you should always check before choosing the broker; it might be that that specific option is not available on mobile.


Some brokers offer a form of deposit bonus or welcome bonus when you sign up and start trading in binary options. It is not unusual that there are special offers that only apply to trading in mobile. Always check with your broker before you start trading. Info about the bonuses is usually found directly on the home page or when you download an app/software.

There are also brokers that offer customers a dedicated account manager. This is a person who manages your account and your questions. You can always go here if you need help or want to know something specific about your trade or your account. In most cases, you will be assigned a contact directly when you register. Take that opportunity to ask any questions you might have about trading options on mobile phones. We always recommend that you read the requirements and rules carefully before you accept a bonus; they usually come with wagering requirements and specific rules. This means you must wager the bonus you get a certain number of times before you can withdraw your earnings. However, this is not especially difficult when it comes to binary options, when the reimbursement percentage can be as high as 85% of your total wagering amount.

Summary of binary options on mobile

Trading in binary options is as fun as it is exciting and profitable. Profits are high, and if you have just the right knowledge and information, it is not hard to make money in this type of trading. The same applies to trading on your mobile. Here you track your options and your account wherever you are and can easily make new investments. However, the range of options is somewhat smaller when you choose to trade on mobile phones. This is worth bearing in mind when choosing between desktop and mobile/tablet. Do not forget to check with your dedicated service/account manager if there are any special offers or bonuses when you decide to trade options through a mobile, and remember that you can always negotiate to get better terms!

Happy trading!