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70% payout with at least €200 in depost
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The broker AnyOption was founded in 2009 in Cyprus and is thus one of the oldest companies trading in binary options. Even though the market for binary options is relatively new, AnyOption is considered to be one of the most popular brokers, especially among beginners in the trade. AnyOption is also one of the few brokers that offer so-called One Touch options, and offer trading platforms in a variety of languages.


AnyOption has since its start in 2009 quickly climbed the charts of the most popular brokers in binary options. This is a serious and reliable broker that has customer safety as a focus. The trading platform is an online trading program that is well developed, with a high standard when it comes to ease of use. The format has a great advantage in that we as customers do not need to download any secondary programs to use the platform. AnyOption is the broker for the finicky investor; here we get the opportunity to see up to four options simultaneously.

The platform is developed with some really great features such as Roll Forward. This feature gives you as an investor the opportunity to move the time of the trade forward or back. You can thus choose whether to extend or shorten the time at which the trade expires after you have decided to invest.


AnyOption also offers its customers trade in binary options directly on their mobile. This “mobile commerce” means that you can take your investments with you wherever you go, keep track of time and track your profits regardless of whether you are at home or sitting on the bus. To trade in binary options on your phone, go directly into the app-store on your phone and download AnyOptions App. This works just as well on your iPhone as on your Android. The broker also offers free notifications, which means that all trades you make over €100 generate free text messages with information about results and other items.


If you choose to trade in binary options with AnyOption you not only get the opportunity to invest in the common form of High/Low, but also with One Touch. AnyOption also offers a feature called Option+, which makes it possible for the customer to sell the option back to the broker before the time has expired. AnyOption then gives you anywhere from 50-70% return for a trade that is profitable. AnyOption also has a refund guarantee which varies depending on the profit percentage you choose:

  • 50% profit gives a 25% refund for loss
  • 55% profit gives a 20% refund for loss
  • 60% profit gives a 15% refund for loss
  • 65 % profit gives a 10% refund for loss
  • 70% profit gives a 5% refund for loss

AnyOption offers so-called Non Stop Trading, which means trading of binary options is available in over 200 markets around the clock.

At AnyOption you can trade in among other things:

Index: Dow Jones, Nasdaq, OMX Stockholm 30, AEX, PSI 20 and TECDAX


Commodities: Oil, silver, gold and natural gas

Stocks: Google, Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nike, Pepsi, Twitter, Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, Pfizer

Deposits and withdrawals at AnyOption

AnyOption provides safe and secure deposits and withdrawals, and you can use a range of different payment options: bank transfer, credit card, EPS, Skrill or Ukash.


AnyOption provides customer service during the week and you can easily reach them by phone as well as email and live chat. The customer service works well and responds quickly via live chat, but we would have liked to have availability even on the weekend. Or alternatively that might have offered some kind of 24 hour service.

One advantage of AnyOption, in addition to their many years in the industry, is that they offer Roll Forward, refund guarantee, SMS service and Option+. However, we would have liked to have seen some sort of VIP program or loyalty program for customers who invest frequently.

AnyOption is one of the best agents available on the market, with long experience, secure and flexible solutions and a large selection.